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The "AquilaSystem-GPS" module is world's unique concept of approaching scientific research based on data collected by animal tracking devices utilizing the GPS technology. As the first on the planet, the "Aquila" company offers a complex tool which enables visualisation of such data. Visualisation is not all, as the module enables various analyses options as well as presentation of the analyses' results, a revolutionary solution on the telemetry market. Together with the "Aquila" dataloggers, the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module becomes a fully comprehensive tool, conforming to the company's concept of supporting scientific research by relieving researchers of arduous and time-comsuming efforts connected with the preparation and analysis of collected data.

Available from any web browser, the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module offers real-time monitoring of the current position, occupied territory or migratory route of the tracked individual, or even a group of individuals, on a map. Advanced filtering enables specifying various time intervals as well as fixed time frames thanks to its complex functions, which facilitates acquisition of desired visualisations or analyses results at a latter stage. The scientific data is also available in table form.

Automatically perfomed by the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module standard analyses are presented to the user in real-time. Other, more advanced analyses can be performed by means of user friendly wizards. Furthermore, a unique feature of analyses' comparison is being offered. The comparisons can be performed on both individual's and time frame's level. The results of all analyses and comparisons can be presented in numeric form as well as charts, which constitutes a real breakthrough solution in the telemetry field. Both the forms and the charts can be then exported as files for publications or presentations.

Forms and charts are not all. The module offers GIS-analysis function, so far available only in sophisticated and expensive applications. By means of user-friendly wizards it is now possible to perform complicated calculations of territory used by monitored objects and, within a few mouse-clicks, obtain latest results in form of both numeric values and map visualization.

Maintaining a high level of security by for instance encrypted connection (active also during map display), the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module remains open for data processing by means of other solutions available on the market. The data displayed on maps as well as in tables can easily be exported to files in popular formats for presentations and publications, or for further analyses in third-party tools. The same concerns the results of the analyses performed by the module. The compability remains also maintained in the other direction by enabling data collected with other tools to be imported to the module. This option secures performance of coherent analysis within longer periods of time.

The "AquilaSystem-GPS" module is being offered free of charge with every "Aquila" datalogger as a completion of the solution. The module can also be purchased as part of the "AquilaSystem" solution or as a separate, homogeneous tool. The range of the available analyses and charts can be adjusted according to customers' needs.

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