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AquilaSystem is a concept of supporting scientific projects as well as any scientific research, with special emphasis on the requirements of the group work. The key feature is data consolidation within every aspect of data collection, storage, analysis and presentation. AquilaSystem's objective is to centralize as many steps of scientific research' process as possible in order to optimize the research team's work time, thus targeting it's efforts on scientific aspects and eliminating time consuming in-depth mastering of more and more complex tools offered in modern data analysis process.

Based on modular structure, AquilaSystem offers full freedom of component selection as well as their usage, development and exchange, ensuring user friendly and homogeneous environment, and yet, unlike other products on the market, remaining open for exchange of the collected data with different third-party tools by offering various import and export features within every stage of the scientific project.

Multilingual is a keyword which becomes more and more meaningful as the borders of the modern world fade away. AquilaSystem does not remain indifferent in that aspect enabling configuration of user interface in practically every language of the planet without interfering in the scientific data collected.

AquilaSystem is one of the most universal solution on the market. Being an internet application, the only system requirements remain a web browser and an internet connection, which directly influences not only the project's costs, but also the ability of free selection of access devices, solving the problem of  technical environment maintenance and data access within multiple projects, both current as well as the past ones.

As a whole AquilaSystem presents a separate product. Various modules can be part of our company's hardware offer. On demand custom modules can also be prepared.

Available modules:

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