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The participants of the international conference on conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Kosicka Bela, Slovakia.The conference took place on 25-27 of September in Kosicka Bela, Slovakia as part of the Life Project on conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Slovakia.

During the conference the experts presented results of their studies on biotop, breeding, migration and wintering of the species. Unlike Poland, with a stable, and even increasing population of some 2000 pairs, Lesser Spotted Eagles in other parts of Europe suffer decrease in numbers due to the pressure from civilisation and loss of suitable habitats which become intensively cultivated by humans. Therefore special conservation measures have to be taken to prevent this decline. One of the conference's objective was to gather scientific data in order to prepare the European Action Plan for those beautiful creatures.

During the conference the "Aquila" company had an opportunity to present their range of products.

We would like to thank for the organisation and the fantastic atmosphere during the conference!

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