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Workers of the Odessa ZOO, Lower Dniestr National Park and the fitted with "Aquila" datalogger Eagle Owl right before the moment of releasing to the nature.In cooperation with the Odessa Zoopark, the "Aquila" company fitted an Eagle Owl Bubo bubo with a datalooger for the first time in history. For many years the Zoopark in Odessa has been conducting various activities on nature conservation field. Among the most spectacular ones one could name the formation of the "Lower Dniestr National Park" or the research on the Ukrainian birds of prey. Recently special emphasis has been stressed out on reintroduction of the Eagle Owl. Several raised in captivity individuals are being released to the nature by the zoopark workers annually.

The datalogger should help estimate the accuracy of the reintroduction efforts. Untill now very little has been known about what happens with the released birds. Since Eagle Owls are nocturnal birds, the datalogger was specially designed for the use in somehow extreme conditions to utilise to the maximum the amount of available solar power.

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