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Spotted Eagle's "First Lady" - 20-year-old female fitted with "Aquila" datalogger.We are pleased to inform that the "Aquila" company does not stop supporting the Greater Spotted Eagle conservation research. Five individuals from the Biebrza population have been tagged this year so far, of which three are GSE juveniles and one is a juvenile hybrid. The fifth tagged bird is for many years highly anticipated GSE female.

The female is an extraordinary bird. She is aged approximately 20 and already in 1999 as an adult she was fitted with one of the first satellite transmitters in a 10 km distant territory. The transmitter was unofficially regarded the longest functioning one on this planet. Presently silent, it was replaced by the latest datalogger's model of our company. Already the first day the datalogger delivered surprising data as the female took some tens kilometer long trip around the Biebrza Valley. Her partner this year was a male Lesser Spotted Eagle and their offspring is the above mentioned, recently tagged hybrid. In the case of the female we are particularly proud of her datalogger as serious doubts arose as to the functionality of the device. During the hutching females spend almost all the time on the nest, where very little light comes through, which would impede the datalogger's battery charging process. It turned out however that the device functioned perfectly registering the data and the only problem became so typical for the Biebrza region poor range of the mobile telephony network. Nevertheless data from the whole season has already been successfully transferred.

Already today we would like to invite you to take a look at our devoted to the Greater Spotted Eagle protection portal where we will present the autumn migration route of all fitted with our dataloggers Spotted Eagles - the female, four juveniles from Biebrza as well as the newly tagged in the distant Western Siberia juvenile Greater Spotted Eagle. For more information on GSE conservation, please visit the portal.

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