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Greater and Lesser Spotted Eagle hybrid male fitted with the first GPS/GSM solar transmitter from the Aquila company.We are proud to inform that on August 29th 2012 the Aquila company entered a new stage. On that day a spotted eagle was fitted with a GPS transmitter from our company. The eagle, a hybrid of a Greater- and a Lesser Spotted Eagle, was named Zygmunt.

Telemetry is a new branch in the world of scientific research. Our company has decided to devote its time and resources in the research on the field. Various tests have been conducted for almost a year now, resulting in a new solar powered device which gathers the geografical coordinates, making them available through the cellular telephony system (GSM). The device is very light (ca. 35g) and compact, enabling fittng them on large birds.
Zygmunt has been mentioned on various occasions in several articles on our Greater Spotted Eagle project portal so far. He was born on the Biebrza Marshes in 2007. In 2010 he was observed not far from the place of his birth, while since 2011 he has been frequent guest in a Greater Spotted Eagle female territory. This year he successfully breeded there and the juvenile was named Rudy.
In autumn we plan to present the migration route on our portal. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

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