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Adult Egyptian Vulture right after fitting our logger in african Djibouti. Photo: M. McGrady.Spring has come. Time for update information from the field on how our dataloggers are performing.

The White-tailed Sea Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla

Vlad - Russian bird - is alive and is doing great. His logger is sendig data after winter. And if it stays that way until July, it will mean 5 full calender years of operation.

In 2016 2 loggers weref itted. Both have been working, although for over a year with big breaks. Despite it the data from one of them revealed a new nest in Poland in 2019.

In 2017 one unit was fitted and it is ending now its third year of operation.

In 2018 11 birds got our devices in various parts of Russia. Seven of them are just finishing the 2nd year of data transmission.

In 2019 further 11 birds were fitted. 2 birds died and their bodies were found thanks to the data. The rest are fully operational, although probably in one case on already dead bird.

Their movements can be followed on RRRCN page.

The Common Buzzard Buteo buteo

Kordian - Estonian Common Buzzard does not send any data anymore. His logger worked 4 years.

The Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca

Eagnatza - Austrian Imperial Eagle - is finishing his third year of operation. Thisyear we were informed of nesting of this birdfor second consecutive year. However last year the nest tree was cut.Thereforewe removed his data from our migration map.

Two loggers fitted in 2017 are finishing the third year of work in Russia. It means no change in number compared to the last update.

In 2018 further 5 loggers were used, one of which was sending tens of fixes from one location in Jemen in January. The rest is working until today.

In 2019 10 birds were fitted, of which three have died. One dead last year has just been found. The rest is operating. Some of them can be tracked on RRRCN page.

The Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis

Steppe Eagles were fitted with our loggers in various countries. We are generally proud of the uncommonly high survival rate, which in a sense contradicts with the world's trend of the species' collapse.

Of the 10 loggers fitted in 2018 eight are operational, 2 birds have died.

Of 11 loggers from 2019 also all are working, but one bird has died.

You can read more on Steppe Eagles on the blog and follow their movements on RRRCN page.

From the above information it is clear that Aquila loggers are quality products offering long term operational time regardless weather conditions.

Apart from the above mentioned data the Aquila loggers are utilisedin numerous other projects. Highly valued is our cooperation with rehabilitation centres. Especially whemn we consider the fact, that rehabilitated birds are returning to the nature fully capable to adopt, even after severe experiences and injuries from the past. One of such cases - Czech' Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos named Tonička - was mentioned in one of our recent articles. For further cases please visit our internet pages or social media (shortcuts available in the upper right corner). There you can find information on many other interesting bird species with our loggers, like Greater Spotted Eagles Aquila clanga. Short-toed Snake Eagles Circaetus gallicus, or Egyptian Vultures Neophron percnopteros.

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