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Golden Eagle named Tonička and Bartosovice Rehab Centre worker Petr Orel moments before the release in 2018. Photo: Bartosovice Rehabilitation Centre.Today a story of the kind of fairy tale, or maybe a "happy end horror". For many years Czech Republic has implemented a reintroduction program for the Golden Eagle. In 2011 a young female was released within the project. Unfortunatelly she could enjoy the freedom for a coupleof years only. And again the reason was a hunter.

The bird's freedom ended abruptly in 2014 after a meeting with a hunter. Fortunatelly the bird was fitted with a satellite transmitter. Thanks to it she was found and examined. The x-ray showed over 11 lead shots in her body. Saving her was a miracle of a kind. Unfortunatelly this meant also long-time and rather hopeless rehabilitation process, far away from nature and freedom.

The female ended up in Bartosovice Rehabilitation Centre and spent next 4 years there. In 2018 the decision was made to atempt to give her freedom again. In order to control the process, she was fitted with our 33g device. And was named Tonička.

Here is where the happy story begins - the female survived, flying around and visiting neighbouring countries - Slovakia and Poland. This year it finally happened - in March Tonička occupied a territory and a nest in Czech Republic. At present everybody is awaiting further development. Hopefully after 9 stormy years Tonička will have her first offspring. Provided she never meets a hunter again.

The history of Tonička can be followed on Bartosovice Rehabilitation Centre social media page.

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