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Today's "field" presentation of Aquila products in Saudi Arabia.Last November saw a good example of how Aquila loggers contribute to science - thanks to data from the devices researchers discovered new wintering grounds in Saudi Arabia with large concentrations of Steppe Eagles, a globally endangered species. Further monitoring confirmed the presence of 6700 Steppe Eagles in two places only. That could equate to about 10% of the world population of the species. In addition birds of prey of other species were also recorded in the area.

Today we were able to witness a slightly different aggregation - three birds with Aquila loggers were present within 6 km distance in central Saudi Arabia. All tagged last year, but in different regions of the world, of different age, with different logger's models and above all, of different species. The Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis 183 was tagged with 33g unit one year ago in Oman. The Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca called Gremyatchij was tagged with 33g model last summer in the Uljanovsk Region, Russia. The Greater Spotted Eagle Aquila clanga called Zadhira was taggedwith 25g model also last summer near Moscow, Russia.

Fourth bird with our logger - Avralka, another Imperial Eagle from Uljanovsk tagged in 2017 - spent the day some 200 km away from today's "aggregation" spot.

So if you want to compare different Aquila products, apart from visiting our internet page, you may as well visit the wintering area, where the birds will perform the "in the field" presentation for you. Good luck!

Another field presentation in Iraq.Update: The following day another "field" presentation of Aquila products took place, this time in Iraq. This one was technicaly and scientifically different. On one side not as spectacular, as only one model of datalogger - the 33g unit - was presented, by only one bird species - the Imperial Eagle - and all three birds come from one region of the world - Uljanovsk, Russia. On the other hand, each presenter was equipped with our product in different year - 2017, 2018 and 2019, so they were able to share their respectively three, two and one year of experience.

Another two Uljanovsk Imperial Eagles from last year were present within 200 km radius.

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