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For many years Russian scientist Miroslav Babushkin has been researching Ospreys in Russia. Photo: Oksana Demina.In the recent issue of ornithological journal "Ardeola" an article by M. Babushkin, A. Kuznetzov and M. del Mar Delgado entitled: "Autumn migratory patterns of north-west Russian Ospreys Pandion haliaetus" was published. It is the first ever Russian publication on Osprey's migration based on telemetry studies and the very first publication on Russian Ospreys in an international journal.

The Osprey is a worldwide spread species with its European population estimates of 8-10 thousand pairs. It is one of the species which migration patterns are not easy to unambiguously classify. During migration the birds use not only the updrafts, but both active flight as well as winds over open waters. In the article the authors present their latest research results on that subject.

Special for us remains the fact that the research was conducted with the use of our dataloggers.

More about the issue can be found on  journal's page.

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