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This Vommon Buzzard is set to beat some world records in migration distance for the species.During the migration period many birds cover huge, and for some species even incredible, distances. In this respect the Common Buzzard Buteo buteo cannot be regarded as long distance migrant. Although no thorough research has been conducted, it is known to spend the winter relatively close to its breeding grounds. Therefore this year's spring migration of the bird fitted with our datalogger can be regarded as at least extraordinary. The buzzard decided to make its presence clearly visible in the scientific books, setting records for the covered distance. At the moment, since March 1st, the number reads 9044 km. This averages over 88 km per day and 2261 km per month. Of course the data is only "straight line" calculation and does not include manouvers like for example circling.

The above mentioned data were calculated by means of statistical tools available on our portal free of charge after the purchase of our loggers.

This year Kordian (that is the name the bird was given) has visited 7 countries. Not an impressive number, but worth mentioning in this part of the world.

Kordian's migration can be followed on the page of the Estonian project since September 2015.

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