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It is getting tight to fit all the data into one map.The moment has come! After a range of tests it is time to use our new logger model in practice. And so we did - yesterday the first logger sent 300 fixes throughout the whole day! Its "carrier" was a male Osprey Pandion haliaetus from Russia. The logger operated with a frequency of 1 fix every 3 minutes, which resulted in rounded number of 300 coordinates at the end of the day. Such new technology opens a whole new range of opportunities to the world of science. From now on not only will it be possible to specify the territory an animal utilizes, but also set the exact time frames of its daily activities.

We have never heard of an animal being so thoroughly tracked during such a relatively long time period. Although there are devices on the market offering higher acquisition frequencies (even every 1 second), they are capable of operating for limited time period only (around 1 hour). They can be also several times more expensive. What is worth mentioning is the fact, that those devices then stop operating as after such an intensive use their batteries need recharging. In unsuitable weather conditions recharging can take even several days.

At the end of the day our logger showed marginal battery use and already the next morning it was ready to operate. For another 300 fixes, for instance.

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